Spray tans are a convenient way to get that sun-kissed glow without spending time in the sun or on a tanning bed. However, one of the fears that people have is “Does spray tan keep developing after a shower?” After all, no one wants to end up with an uneven tan.

The good news is that most spray tans will continue to develop after you shower, usually for up to 24 hours. It is important to note that this does not mean your tan will get significantly darker. Instead, the shower helps to rinse off the initial bronzer, allowing the underlying tan to reveal itself more fully.

Getting a spray tan is an excellent way to achieve an instant tan. When showering after a spray tan, it’s crucial to remember to pat yourself dry. Being gentle with your skin is key, as excessive scrubbing or rubbing can not only smear your tan but also erase it. We strongly recommend avoiding harsh scrubbing to preserve your tan.

This means that even after a shower, your sunless tan can continue to evolve into a deeper, more natural-looking color. Therefore, the fear of losing your tan after a shower is largely unfounded.

Before Getting A Spray Tan, When Is It Appropriate To Take A Shower?

However, preparing your skin for the process is crucial before getting a spray tan.

  • Showering at least 8 hours before the spray tan application is appropriate.
  • A pre-tan shower removes dead skin cells, oils, and sweat, ensuring proper tan adherence to the skin.
  • Exfoliating during the pre-tan shower creates the best base for your upcoming spray tan.
  • The better prepared your skin is, the longer your spray tan will keep developing after the shower.

How Long Should You Wait After A Spray Tan Before Showering?

As a general guideline,

  • Wait at least 8-10 hours after receiving a spray tan before showering is recommended.
  • This allows ample time for the DHA (the active ingredient in the tanning solution) to interact with your skin cells, creating a more even and lasting tan.
  • In some cases, particularly for darker shades, your tanning professional may suggest a waiting period of up to 24 hours. Remember, the longer you wait before your first rinse, the better your spray tan will develop after the shower.

What Is The Recommended Duration For Leaving A Spray Tan On Your Skin?

When applying a spray tan, leaving it on your skin for at least 6-8 hours is generally recommended to allow the color to develop fully. However, the spray tan will develop after the shower, typically reaching its full potential within 24 hours.

It’s important to remember that individual skin types and formulations may alter these timings slightly. Always follow the specific instructions provided with your chosen spray tan product for optimal results.

What Are The Consequences Of Showering Too Soon After A Spray Tan?

  • Inconsistent Tan: Showering too early can result in a blotchy or uneven tan, as the spray tan will not fully develop and absorb into the skin.
  • Lighter Tan: The spray tan color may appear weaker than expected. The spray tan will develop after the shower. Washing it off prematurely hinders this process.
  • Shorter-Lasting Tan: The longevity of the tan could be compromised. A spray tan should last 7 to 10 days, but an early shower could considerably reduce this timeframe.
  • Waste of Money: Given the cost of getting a professional spray tan, showering too soon and affecting the results is a waste. It could necessitate a reapplication, further driving up prices.

Does A Spray Tan Continue To Darken After You Have Showered?

Does A Spray Tan Continue To Darken After You Have Showered?

It’s advised to wait to judge the final color immediately post-shower. The total depth of the color unfolds as the spray tan continues to develop.

To maintain the tan, moisturize your skin regularly and avoid exfoliating until you’re ready for your next spray tan application.

Is It Advisable To Keep The Spray Tan On Overnight?

It is generally safe and advisable to keep the spray tan on overnight. Leaving the tanning solution on your skin overnight can result in a richer tan. This is because the active ingredient, DHA, continues to react with your skin cells, allowing the tan to develop more fully.

The process of the spray tan developing post-shower can extend up to 24 hours. However, use a dark sheet to avoid staining your bed linen. Remember, the spray tan will develop after the shower, even while you sleep, giving you a more natural-looking, sun-kissed glow in the morning.

How Does Showering Impact The Effectiveness And Appearance Of A Spray Tan?

Showering plays a significant role in a spray tan’s effectiveness and appearance. Shower before tanning to ensure clean, exfoliated skin, and rain carefully after application for best results.

Showering too soon may wash off the tanning solution, leading to less intense color or an uneven appearance. Waiting the recommended time (8-24 hours) before showering allows DHA to interact fully, resulting in an even, lasting tan.

More so, the shower helps rinse off the initial bronzer, revealing the final color of your tan. It is essential to note that your spray tan will develop after the shower, usually for up to 24 hours, giving you a deeper and more natural-looking color.


In conclusion, the art of spray tanning is a process that requires careful preparation and patience. Showering plays a vital role before and after the tan application, ensuring your skin is ideally prepared and the tan is given the optimal time to develop.

Understanding the post-application development of the tan, mainly, “Does spray tan keep developing after a shower,” is crucial. Notably, the spray tan will develop after the shower, often reaching its peak within 24 hours. Therefore, resisting the urge to shower too soon and compromise your tan is essential.

Ultimately, it’s all about achieving that perfect, sun-kissed glow that looks as natural as possible.

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